February 2019 marks my 31st year in the quilting business!  Kallisti Quilts has seen a lot of changes in the industry over the years, including a dramatic rise in mail order through Etsy (just hit 4500 sales!) and my new interactive website, complete with search function, shopping cart and secure check out system.  As always, you also can shop in person at the upcoming shows listed on my Events page or by appointment in Waterloo.  Custom orders for fabrics, quilt kits and finished quilts are still welcome.

Kallisti Quilts is now on Facebook!  You can find me by clicking on the Facebook icon at the bottom of this page . . . 

New Dobby Florals - February 2019

New fabrics for spring are starting to trickle in.  These five dobby prints are gorgeous, large scale florals - excellent for bags and other accessories, as well as theme prints in quilts.  They are 100% textured cotton and cost $24 per metre and $6 per fat quarters.  You can find them on Page 1 of the Japanese Dobby Cloth section.

Japanese Patchwork Prints - November 2018

Always popular, these three patchwork dobby prints have just arrived from Japan.  They are available in three colours:  rusty brown, indigo and black.  Make a patchwork style quilt quickly or use as a base of boro work.  Perfect for clothing and accessories too, they are 100% textured cotton and cost $24 per metre and $6 per fat quarter.  You can find them on Page 1 of the Japanese Dobby Cloth section.

Daiwabo Yarn Dyes - October 2018

While Daiwabo is being restructured, Kallisti Quilts was lucky to have access to 18 Japanese yarn dyes from their many previous collections.  This shipment includes 8 stunning colours of Delicate Stitched Stripe, my best seller at the September quilt shows!  They are 100% cotton, measure approximately 45" wide and cost $28 per metre and $7 per fat quarter.  You can now purchase them from Page 1 of the Japanese Yarn Dyes section.

South African Panels - August 2018

A massive shipment of South African panels has arrived!  Adding to an evolving collection are two new designs (Dove and Guinea Hen), along with an expanded selection of your favourites (Elephant, Giraffe and Lion) in many new colours.   Panels are listed alphabetically from African Woman to Zebra.  You can view the entire collection in the South African Panels section.

Bright Dobby Prints - July 2018

These fabrics are not the quiet, subtle designs and colours that Kallisti Quilts usually stocks, which is likely why they starting selling like hot cakes through recent Facebook previews!  The Floral Check print includes gorgeously detailed temari balls, while the Water Garden print is especially unique with its origami cranes and jelly fish.  You can now see all eleven new prints on Page 1 of the Japanese Dobby Cloth section.

Kobayashi Yarn Dyes - May 2018

At a recent quilt show, quilters spent a lot of time caressing these exquisite new Japanese yarn dyes from Kobayashi and many splurged on yardage for summer clothing!  They are 100% cotton, measure approximately 45" wide and cost $38 per metre or $9.50 per fat quarter.   All 15 fabrics are now posted to the Japanese Yarn Dyes section.  Can't decide?  Fat eighth bundles are available in the Fabric Bundles section!

New Dobby Prints - February 2018

Part of a new series, these large scale dobby prints are the first group to arrive.  Unlike the usual dark and elegant prints, these ones are bright and bold - perfect for perking up your winter sewing plans!  While smaller scale coordinates are on their way, this shipment contains 3 colours of Parasols in a standard dobby cloth weight and 5 colours of Circles in a slightly lighter weight.  You can find them all in the Japanese Dobby Cloth section.

Yarn Dyed Taupe for Winter - January 2018

As snow blankets the land, all we want to do is hide out in our sewing rooms with piles of fabric and keep our machines humming!  This most recent collection of 12 yarn dyed Taupes from Daiwabo, including very popular aquas and greys, certainly inspires cosy quilt making.  They are all posted in the Japanese Yarn Dyes section.

A Twist on Tradition

At first glance, these new dobby prints appear to be a variation on a standard theme, but they are actually a fresh take on two ancient designs. Both the Seigaiha (Ocean Waves) and the Asanoha (Hemp Leaves) patterns were developed centuries ago and have been reimagined many times over by textile designers, among others. In the last fifteen years or so, Kallisti Quilts has seen and sold dozens of variations . . . You probably have more of these fabrics in your stash than you realize! Why keep collecting? This particular line features some unusual tones of the most popular Japanese colours and is more modern than most with the bold polka dot in the Asanoha and a welcome hint of secondary colour in both, creating movement and visual appeal. The added bonus is that this line is printed on light weight, textured dobby cloth. All fabrics are 100% cotton, measure approximately 45" wide and cost $24 per metre and $6 per fat quarter.  You can find these fabrics in the Japanese Dobby Cloth section.

About Me

Established in November 2000, Kallisti Quilts is passionate about providing a diverse collection of imported fabrics for the discerning and innovative quiltmakers of Ontario and beyond. I specialize in Japanese and African cotton fabrics, including fairly traded handmade batiks, but I continually endeavour to find new suppliers and refresh your quilting vision. For a tactile experience, you may visit Kallisti Quilts at the shows listed on the Events page. I attend over a dozen shows each year, host two Open Houses in Waterloo and squeeze in as many trunk shows as my schedule allows.