Quilt for Sale - South African Panels


This simple yet dramatic pattern was designed by Kallisti Quilts.  It features 20 different brightly coloured handmade South African panels set in an off-centred black grid for a modern, whimsical look.  It measures approximately 53" x 64," which is appropriate for a throw quilt or a short twin bed. 

The additional photo shows a close up shot of the quilting, which is a meandering stipple in smokey shaded invisible thread, as well as the burgundy and gold drum Senegalese print on the back.

Custom kits are available and pattern is a free handout with the purchase of 12 or more panels.

I have been creating and selling superior quality, beautiful quilts for nearly 20 years. Satisfaction is guaranteed! All of my quilts are sewn with 100% cotton fabrics from my evolving stash, ensuring that every quilt is one of a kind. I also use Superior brand threads and Hobbs 80% cotton/20% polyester heirloom batting, making the quilts washable and durable.